Travel Tips for the Adventurous Generation

If you are a millennial who loves to travel, you are part of the largest demographic group. Generation Y represents 20% of international travelers, and this number is expected to increase each year.

What makes trips so attractive for this generation? Social media probably help. Many Instagram influencers make their living traveling the world and sharing their stories online. Why would not you want to try this?

So, if you are planning a trip of a lifetime to get your viral Instagram account, or just head south for a week of hot sun, we have some travel tips that

Get Insurance travel

A recent report shows that millennials do not receive travel insurance. About 43% of young Canadian travelers omit travel insurance before leaving the country. Some of the main reasons given were: travel insurance was too expensive, it was not necessary, or their trip was short enough, they did not think that they needed it.

Here is the problem. Millennial travelers account for about 32 percent of claims to insurance companies after a trip. With this generation that wants to experience the culture that they visit as authentically as possible, things like injury and disease are increasing. So spend the extra money to cover yourself when you travel abroad.

Check Your Passport

Nothing is worse than planning the adventure of your life to see your passport expired. No passport, no trip. Recheck the expiration date and make sure that it will still be valid during your trip. If you apply for or renew your passport, be sure to do it well in advance in case of any problem.

Once you have your passport and your trip has received a green light, make a copy. It is a good idea to leave behind a photocopy of your passport and other pieces of identity in case you have lost or stolen yours. Make a second copy to bring with you and store it in a safe place where you stay

Stay healthy

You do not plan to get sick during your vacation, but unfortunately it can happen. If you are traveling to a place where you know you are at high risk of illness or disease, talk to your doctor before you leave. Make sure you are up to date on the vaccinations needed and ask questions about the specific photos required based on your location.

Do not Overwrap

You do not need to bring your entire wardrobe on a trip. Chances are none will notice if you recycle outfits. In addition, if you over-pack, you run the risk of having to pay extra baggage fees.

Make sure you leave all valuables at home. Reduce the risk of loss or theft of anything you can not replace. Once you have freed up space in your luggage, you have room to bring back memories.

Travel safely and travel healthy on your next trip. As the generation of adventure, never be afraid to try something new. Follow these tips to make sure your next vacation is one you’ll remember forever.

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