Life Lately & Upcoming Travels: January 2018 Edition

In my monthly roundups, I look back on my travels over the last four weeks, which went well and what did not happen, and what is waiting for me.

Where I lived

31 days in New York! I’ve never thought that I would spend a whole winter month in New York, but when I feel a business opportunity, I jump on it, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I did – more on that later. Even though I spent the whole month in New York, I have never sat down, and I’m paying the price right now – I’m absolutely exhausted and finally ready to leave New York (which I do not know). was not at the end of last month)  January 2018

What I did

Most of the month, I worked my buttocks. I’ve been touring for 25 days out of 31, which means that even though I only did touring, I still would not have four full weekends this month. And, because apparently it is not enough to walk around Brooklyn 10k every day (almost), I’ve also worked in the “real” one. Work that I had last May (although I think I will have to leave soon it is going so well) and I have had some freelance writing projects to finish.

In addition, I stayed for about half of the month, which was good, because that means I will be able to enjoy my next trips without worrying about money. Trying to juggle four jobs this month meant, however, that there was not really enough time to blog. I appreciate the breaking of the pressure that I felt when I was blogging full time. I do not need to hurry me all the time to make sure that I will be able to pay my bills, and after so many years spent scratching at the incomes of a lousy blogger it’s a good change to take some time away from my laptop – especially because I was facing some major technical problems this month, but later  january Jobs [19659006] I must admit however that I miss writing – but I do not have energy I left after five hours of walking to produce written words of which I am proud, and the hours before The tour barely keeps me informed of my paperwork and my books.

It is quite difficult to do much outside (my visit takes up a large part of the day), I spent a lot of time doing two of my favorite things: exploring new cocktail bars (they do not miss not New York!), working my way through my seemingly endless list of “restaurants I want to eat at”, and watching movies. I’m good with the Movie Pass for my birthday, which allows you to watch unlimited movies in almost every movie theater for only $ 9.95 a month, so I try to go to the movies a Once a week, and until now, I have done a very good job. My favorite movies last month were Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and The Disaster Artist . Browsing all the pictures I took in January, I also realized that I spent a lot of time in the coffee shops:  January 2018 Coffee [19659006] The only thing I did this month? I did a street art tour in the Lower East Side. I love street art and wanted to know more about the LISA project, an initiative that brings more wall art to Little Italy and NoLiTa, and the Audrey tour was just perfect  street art

I’ve also experienced the biggest snowstorm of my life, which took place a day when I (fortunately!) was not running a tour, but working indoors, in Times Square from all places, and I could watch the snow cover the streets of Manhattan quickly. None of my colleagues understood very much about my enthusiasm for the amount of snow, but in Germany we do not get snow like that (only in the mountains – maybe!) And let ‘s not forget that I’ m not sure how much snow I get. I managed to avoid the winter for seven or eight years – until now!  January 2018 Snow

What was Ok


I was invited to speak at a conference about LGBT travel. After some invitations to speak at travel conferences that I could not accept because I was in other parts of the world and traveling to the conference would have been too complicated, I was invited to talk to Travel Con, a conference that features workshops and networking events for travel writers, bloggers and travel industry professionals in Austin, Texas in September. I am super happy to be part of this conference, which has many speakers that I personally look forward to and I can not wait to hear about it, and I love Austin. Plus: I happen to talk about an important subject.

Following this invitation, another opportunity was presented in my inbox: the opportunity to speak to a group of students from Singapore York later this year [19659006] My Brooklyn tour is more successful than expected!

When I started my tour in December, honestly, I did not think I was running as many tours as I’m running – because I thought January was the low season and no one even thought of running around Brooklyn for four hours, at temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh, how wrong I was! Most of my tours this month were sold out, and even when I opened my diary at the very last minute because I had a request to take a ride for someone else. (how to say no!), I was able to fill almost all the spots in just a few days. I was completely stunned when my Airbnb coordinator told me that my tour was the 5th most booked tour on the entire New York market, on about 260 tours!

 January 2018 Brooklyn Tour

What’s even more important to me, is the return I’ve received from clients – being able to introduce so many people to Brooklyn makes me so happy, and I cherish all the 5 * comments I receive. Being able to host this Brooklyn tour is honestly a dream come true, and I do not take it for granted that I earn money with something that fascinates me (especially after being miserable in a job of office for years). Second Launch Tower

I launched my second tour! When I started working with Airbnb, I had three different ideas for the tours, but I wanted to start with one first to see how it goes, then add more.

When I spoke to one of my friends about the tour launch in the spring, he advised me not to wait too long with it. “If you have this idea, I’m sure someone else has the same idea, be quick, and take it before someone else does it.” I decided to listen to it, even though I was not sure about being ready for another launch, since I was fine tuning and improving my first tour.But I decided to running with, and when I was not busy running my Brooklyn Tour, I worked on the details of my second tour: A Brooklyn Pizza Walk.If you knew me / read this site for a while So, you know that this tour is pretty much the epitome of my perfect afternoon: I introduce people to pizza in New York and Brooklyn, I do not think it’ll get any better.

J & # 39; was thrilled when Airbnb accepted my proposal for this tour and she went live a few days after being accepted – much faster than my first tour, which took some months  Pizza

What went wrong

Second launcher

I will be honest: while I am I was excited to see another passion project on the ground, I was also a little overworked to suddenly juggle two rounds, and I had the impression that the Pizza Walk still needed a few adjustments, since I had not done it as often as the hike I had started on a small scale last summer. . And so, when the inaugural tour ended in a near-disaster, the perfectionist in me was very upset (there were tears.)

I also quickly realized that a Successful touring did not automatically mean that a second tour was going to be so successful – the Pizza Walk is slowly gaining ground, but can in no way be compared to the success of my Brooklyn Walk. I have not even broken yet, but I will wait to see how the tour begins once the peak tourist season begins

 pizza new york city
I’ve done a lot of & # 39; ; search & # 39; for my pizza tour in January

Sublet Nightmare

Knowing that I would leave New York for a few months in February, I opted for a sublease rather than a long-term lease, which meant that I would not be I do not need to sublet my place while I left. I found what I thought was a super sublet, but the “wonderful place” turned into a nightmare when the kitchen sink stopped working and only a few days later , the bed has collapsed. What followed were terrible discussions with the girl to whom I sub-let the room – pending a replacement bed (which never happened), the return of my deposit, and a reduction for the hassle it caused me – because the last thing to do? Working with four jobs, it’s finding a new place to live.

I’ve sublet it innumerable times in New York, but in five years it was the first nightmare subleased.

 A bed collapsed
Occupying a bed collapsed was not fun …

Tech Issues

The few hours that I spent working on Globetrottergirls this month did not pass without technical problems. I do not know how many times I had “technical issues” or “website problems” listed in the section “ What’s wrong ” of my roundups … and I’m so fed up with it. This month, I’ve lost my professional email accounts for a while, which, given the many business opportunities I get can be pretty short, was anything but great. After four hours of discussion with tech support during one of the six days of this month, I was not able to recover my email accounts, but it caused me extreme anxiety. and made me feel so relieved not to have

… and I still work with two laptops instead of just one.

The Credit Card Incident

When I took out a friend for Happy Hour this month, and paid with my credit card I ended up not recovering my card, but by someone else. What I did not realize until the next day when I tried to buy $ 50 of coffee drinks for my guests during the visit, which includes a coffee stop. Not only did the card not work (and was not mine!), But I also realized that I had forgotten to put my backup card in my wallet after I had it. used. Fortunately, the cafe was kind enough to trust me to come back the next day to pay my bill, and I recovered my bar card with only one charge that did not belong to me, but I did not get it. could have done without the mentality. In Germany, we never give our credit cards to anyone, you never leave them out of sight, and when you pay by card, the server brings a portable card scanning device (which requires a PIN code) . ). Whenever German friends cross New York, they are shocked that I pass my card in a restaurant and I always assure them that it is completely safe.

Not my credit card !!

Strangely, the “credit” Card incident happened just a few days after my friends from Germany went through the city, those with whom I had this conversation with. I guess it’s not as safe as I told them

 January 2018 Gifts
Friends from Germany visiting New York mean a lot of German goodies!

A dog ate my lens

And not any dog, but my favorite puppy that I regularly heal. He loves to chew stuff, and until now he has eaten everything I’ve accidentally forgotten: a bra, my iPhone charger cord, headphones … to name a few tricks … and now, my brand new $ 300 zoom. I am still not sure what I am going to do about it since the lens still works – but as you can see from the pictures, the lens looks completely beaten.

 Camera Lens

Challenges [19659003] Underway

Since I started touring, I I have not really been able to run anymore, which bothers me. I went exactly one race this month! But again, I ran 25 laps, and walking between four and five hours each day seems to compensate for at least a portion of the pizza with which I stuffed myself (see above), but I’m not sure. I have already recovered some of the J & I lost weight during my vegan month.

Going from the front, I hope to resume the routine, but since it’s already dark at the end of my tour, I could only run in the morning, that’s when I’m working usually on my freelance work and blog. Since not having a single day off during a month is not really a work-life balance, I think I’ll start running again as soon as I’ve found a better balance.

 New York Winter
Running in the snow and icy weather is just not fun ..

Book Keeping & Admin

Be Better at My Bookkeeping and administrator, and tracking my expenses was still one of my key resolutions for 2018. I had the habit of meticulously following my expenses up to the penny, every day, no matter what currency I’m Used, and exchange it against the exchange rate of the day thanks to the excellent Trail Wallet app. However, last year, I completely fell off the car and stopped monitoring what I was spending. Worse still: I stopped keeping track of my income, which, because of the nature of my many freelance jobs and projects, varies from month to month. So, I really should make sure to always add all incoming payments to a spreadsheet and add them up at the end of each month – also to verify that all my bills have been paid.

Let’s just say that my accounting systems have not been very well thought out and I wanted to introduce simpler and easier ways to track how much I spend and how much I earn, as well as how much I have to save for my next tax payment.

January started well with I track all my expenses and business expenses and all my income, but when I started to feel exhausted by the last third of the month, I let it slide again. Since I really need to prepare my tax return, I can not be as relaxed about it as before, and I need to find a bookkeeping routine.
 Hustle Hard Street Art

What’s new? for me

I’m leaving for Austin today, February 1st! One of my friends wanted to visit me in New York last month, but in one way or another, these plans never materialized – and I do not know how long I’ve been there. 39 would have had for another visitor.

As I was more than ready for a break from New York, and with my sublease ending at the end of January, I thought it might be good to to meet elsewhere. & # 39; Is there a place in the US where you would like to go? A place where you have not yet visited your list of travel gifts? Maybe somewhere a little warmer than New York? “When the answer was Austin, I did not have to think about it for a long time.

You may remember that I spent a month in Austin in 2016. When I booked my flight, I had not yet received the invitation to speak to Travel Con – now I’m going to Austin twice this year! No criticism about this, I’m delighted to return to one of my favorite cities in the United States  New York January

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