Laser Hair Removal Tips at my Treatment with Laseraway

I am obsessed with Laseraway! I’ve had laser hair removal treatments in the past, probably about 3 treatments in total, about 7 years ago and they worked well. In fact, I stopped going there because my hair was gone or was very thin for years but as I did not finish my treatments, the hair of my bikini started to grow back a little. (still a lot less than before). My underarm area has been pretty clear, just a few stragglers growing up after all these years. I may shave my armpits once a month or less.

I was delighted to return to Laseraway to finish all my treatments. I’ve already tried electrolysis and it was incredibly slow! It took at least an hour and we still have not finished the entire bikini. My complete treatment for laser hair removal took about 15 minutes, including underarms and the entire bikini.

Ten years ago, if you were talking about lasers, you’d think about science fiction and science gear. But in today ‘s modern world, the laser is the most efficient and accurate option for millions of operations, including aesthetics.

Laser hair removal is your card “free yourself from prison”! It’s a small investment with a big profit. The average woman spends more than an hour every week shaving, and hundreds of dollars on razor heads. The laser hair removal is:

Why LaserAway?

All LaserAway technicians have their laser hair removal certification. It’s not just beauticians who have decided to do this: they are very educated and very experienced. These women are definitely the ones you want to trust in your skin. Do not settle for less!

At LaserAway, you also know that you get the best of this modern technology. All lasers are fully calibrated and up to date. The painless hair removal process can be performed with a standard laser, or with an Nd: YAG laser for rebel or dark hair. It is the best laser for laser hair removal in difficult cases.

What are my options?

LaserAway offers several different hair removal packages, including laser hair removal for men. You can also customize the areas you want to process. The most common are:







Laser Hair Removal Prices

Prices Laser hair removal vary greatly depending on the area of ​​the body you are treating, you will need about 4-6 treatments for the final results.

Bikini Area: $ 350 – $ 500 per treatment.

Underarms: $ 100 – $ 250 per treatment

Laser Hair Removal for Your Face

You might ask yourself, “The face is so delicate. How much is laser hair removal for the face? Is it safe? ”

Depending on your skin type, it is very safe.The results vary from one person to another, but facial hair removal for women is usually a very smooth process. are generally not very coarse, so they can be removed in a few easy treatments.

During the treatment process, you will wear safety glasses so that the brightness does not hurt your eyes. wear without touching them during the process of facial hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal for Your Legs

Legs are another common area for laser hair removal. Think about all the shaving cream and at the time you can save! Plus, laser hair removal prevents hair growth, so your legs are not just hair-free, they’re softer and softer all the time. There are no follicles or chau

Laser hair removal for the legs can obviously take longer than others because it is a larger area. Be prepared for these longer sessions, and follow the advice of your expert laser technician before you arrive for your session. You do not want to be hungry or doze for a long time.

Laser hair removal for the legs also tends to require more sessions, because leg hair can be very coarse, thick, and dark. Those with dark hair tend to need more time with the advanced laser system.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

This is a very popular option. The bikini area is so sensitive whether you are shaving or waxing. With laser hair removal, you can avoid all that pain. No more razor burn or sore skin.

This option takes longer, like legs. That’s because it’s a sensitive area, and the technicians are very careful. It also takes a little longer because the hair tends to be rougher for women than in other parts of the body.

When you get your bikini laser hair removal, summer becomes a child’s game. You do not need to try to shave yourself on time before heading to the pool, or ask yourself if it’s too soon after shaving (it will sting and chara) or if you have stubble. You will naturally be beautiful and always ready.

Underarm Hair Removal

LaserAway offers underarm hair removal as one of its specialties. This is a great option as it saves you time and prevents the hair from affecting the wardrobe of your choice.

Laser hair removal for the armpits also has a great advantage: less than B.O. The underarm hair follicles harbor bacteria that feed on your sweat and sting you. When you no longer have hair from these follicles, these bacteria have nowhere to sleep. This greatly reduces the odor!

Laser Hair Removal

This is a popular choice of men’s laser hair removal. When your back is a little hairy, somehow not, it can be pretty awkward to remove your shirt. This is true that you are a little flaccid or totally torn. Laser hair removal makes it a lot simpler!

Another option that many men choose when their hair is in limbo is hair removal. This option is ideal for men with just a little chest hair.

Tips on Laser Hair Removal

Do Your Research

Examine various hair removal processes and options in order to have an informed conversation with the laser technician when you go to your Appointment. LaserAway experts are happy to explain any part of the hair removal process.

When you look into different laser hair removal options, you will see that LaserAway has the highest rate of customer satisfaction. It is well reviewed by medical associations, popular magazines like US Weekly, and millions of customers

Get ready for your session

Do not wear make-up at your session, or bring something to cleanse you. This is especially true if you are getting facial hair removal. Even if you get laser hair removal elsewhere, you will need to wear eye protection. Goggles may cause eye makeup or discomfort.

Eat a light snack first

Before visiting LaserAway for your hair removal, eat something light. This will prevent you from discomfort or nausea during the process of laser hair removal.

At present, LaserAway offers discounts of up to 65% on various hair removal processes. Make sure to catch them before they’re gone!

Laser Hair Removal Device

Laseraway uses Cynosure’s Apogee Elite laser, which is on the cutting edge of hair removal technology and is extremely safe and effective. It uses two laser systems, which is more than other laser machines that only use one laser. As I mentioned before, I’ve already had laser hair removal treatments previously in a different place and it was a lot more painful compared to the treatment that I had to LaserAway.

The treatment of Laseraway is less painful than in other places. The Cynosure machine uses its patented SmartCool system which “doubles the cooling” so that you feel less the effect of the laser.

Cynosure’s Apogee Elite laser is also good for darker skin tones, which are harder to comb.


Laseraway sponsored my underarm bikini and laser treatments, but as all my opinions are mine ys

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