Kim Kardashian & Kanye West At Coachella? She Wants To See Beyonce

Everyone wants to see Beyonce at Coachella, including Kim Kardashian! We have EXCLUSIVE details about how she begs Kanye West to take her to the show.

Almost everyone on the planet would like to be in Indio, CA on April 14th when Beyoncé 36, makes the big first Saturday night at the Coachella Music Festival 2018. This will be her first performance since the Grammys 2017 and it is sure that she will be BED! Even his nemesis Kim Kardashian 37 years old, wants to be on hand to attend the great performance of Beyoncé’s show, especially with all that pent-up performance energy that she’s going to unleash. But there is a catch. Her husband Kanye West 40 years old, is still with her former friends Bey and her husband JAY-Z 48 years old, and will leave only if the couple presents them an invitation

“Kim wants to go to Coachella with Kanye, but he will not leave unless Jay invites them, which has not happened yet Kim would love to see Beyoncé and some other bands, she is a Big fan and loves his music.But Kanye is still very sensitive to the state of his relationship with Bey and Jay who was rocky last year.Kanye also loves Coachella, but he refuses Kim’s request for The moment, unless Jay wants them there, Kanye will give them their space, “says a source close to Yeezy EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye and Jay used to be as close as possible until Yeezy went on the wild concert unleashed against the couple in 2o16. He was later hospitalized for an alleged breakdown, and Tidal’s mogul recently hinted that he still has so much love for Ye. He said David Letterman in an upcoming interview for Netflix My next guests did not need an introduction “It’s my brother. Kanye, and like your little brother, things happen sometimes. “Jay then hinted that siblings may have falls, while Jay deeply respects Kanye, who is not the only one. calling “brilliant” during the interview, he did not indicate that they were particularly close at the moment

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West At Coachella? She Wants To See Beyonce – Hollywood Life


Jay used the line “we are brothers” in an interview of August 18, 2017 with Rap Radar but said that Kanye took things very far when he insulted Beyoncé during his shouting and hinted that they still did not speak. “We went over the biggest problems. But you brought my family in that, now it’s a problem with me, it’s a real, a real problem. He knows that it is a problem. He knows that he has crossed the line. I know him, he knows it. I know he knows it, because we’ve never left so much space between one of our disagreements, and we’ve had a lot of it. “Hmmm … maybe Kanye will not get an invitation after all.”

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