How to Layer Your Hair Products Based On Its Texture

As for skin care, there is a good order and a “bad” order to apply these new additions to your bathroom …

So you had a hard time making full of styling and styling products … great! But in the same way as for skin care, there is a good order and a “bad” order to apply these nifty new additions. I put “false” in quotation marks because you can not really do this stuff badly, but you can do it better, especially when you take into account your natural hair texture .

If your hair is curly …

you’re probably the target of a lot of straight-haired jealousy. But you also have a little more trouble with styling products because there are not two identical curly heads, which means that there is no single approach to curly products. That said, a good rule of thumb is to start with a no-rinse conditioner or moisturizing serum to moisturize and soften your curls before applying a gel or curly cream in your strands to help your natural texture take shape and stay defined.

If your hair is straight …

You’re probably the target of a lot of curly-haired jealousy. (Guilty, we still want hair that we do not have.) But while straight hair is usually quite easy to handle, it is also more likely than other textures to fall flat. (And being a victim of static, but it’s a story for another job.) To combat smooth hair, watch your styling routine with a volumizing spray or dry shampoo like Rahua’s voluminous dry shampoo. Spritz liberally on the roots, near the scalp, then paint it gently to the ends. For a little extra punch, work a foam in your roots. (Feed Your Yarok Moss Roots is a great option here because it is lightweight and creates a beautiful texture without being sticky.)

If your hair is wavy …

The world is your oyster when it comes to style! But to really embrace your natural texture – and combat the frizz that can easily appear for girls with wavy hair – you want to start with a small amount of styling cream followed by a generous help of salt spray. A cream like Defining Yarok Cream will keep frizz under control thanks to nourishing ingredients like palm oil, orange oil, aloe, oil of 39, argan, jojoba oil, evening primrose and rosemary. Then hit your hair moisturized with a salt spray like Rahua’s Enchanted Sea Salt Spray to bring out your texture.

If your hair is big …

you want to hydrate it as much as possible after showering. First, hit this mane with a conditioner without rinsing. Then, enjoy the power of a hair oil rich in vitamins and vegetable oils – such as Flora Remedia’s lavender hair oil – to really saturate your dry wicks with moisture. (Do not worry, it will not end up being too fat … your hair will drink it.) Then finish with a thick hair cream to trap all this moisture.

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