How To Have A Spring Health and Beauty Cleanse

Meet Arizona, Proenza Schouler’s first fragrance and new fragrance to inspire and celebrate femininity. The reconnection, the freedom and the discovery are three words that sum up the rooted emotion in Arizona and to mark the launch of this innovative fragrance, we have created a guide to embark on a complete cleansing of the spring beauty.


Begin by decluttering the mind by clearing your space first. Dust and donate unused effects, organize documents and organize your phone’s apps. Streamlining a scrambled environment will encourage clearer thinking, a more efficient life and less wasted space.

If your mind still feels exhausted and in need of relaxation, try a digital detox. If you sweat to go more than a few hours between the scrolls of Instagram, do not panic, it is not necessary to completely shut down your phone of your life. Just start by trying not to use electronics in the hour before bedtime, then at least an hour after waking up. This routine can help clarify your mind at the beginning and end of the day, and can also help to have a better quality of sleep.


Physical and mental self-management goes hand in hand. Clear your body of pollution and grime from the environment by cleaning it with Proenza Schouler Arizona shower oil. Rinse your worries and relax with the cool, fresh scent of Arizona during your shower. For the next step in your care routine, apply the Arizona Body Lotion to rehydrate and nourish dry skin. Do not forget your elbows, knees and cleavage for comfort from head to toe! Finish your hair by taming rebellious locks and giving them a dose of moisture with the Arizona Dry Body and Hair Oil. A little of this wonderfully scented oil goes a long way, so you will only need a small amount to notice a big difference.


Compliment your resurrected mental and physical self with a new face. , signature perfume. Enter, Arizona. Two chords are at the heart of the fragrance, the first is an innovative white cactus flower accord, combined with jasmine and orange blossom to recreate the desert sun. The second is a creamy accord of iris that brings a powdery and comforting sensuality. With musk and cashmere wood, it drapes the skin in the velvety feel of cashmere.

A spritz is all you need to wrap yourself in an aroma of radiant beauty, mystery and connection to yourself. This is the ultimate finishing touch to spring cleaning.

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