How He’s Coping With Their Split?

Ruptures are always difficult, but Justin Bieber has focused on a positive path for himself while he and Selena Gomez are on a time-out. We have EXCLUSIVE details.

There are many ways for people to deal with the suffering of a breakup, but Justin Bieber has taken a serious time to become a better person in the world. the awakening of his last separation from Selena Gomez 25. “Justin worked on himself during his time away from Selena, he went to bed early, got up early, did exercise every day, went hiking, has spent time with family and has written a ton of new music.His goal has been to stay out of trouble and to be patient while Selena understands things.It is hard, because he really likes him a lot, but as long as he stays busy and productive, he is really happy, “says a source close to the 24-year-old HollywoodLife. com EXCLUSIVELY

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

“He has his faith and Justin firmly believes that, love overcomes everything and, with or without Selena, everything will go as it should be”, adds our insider The Biebs s & # He was recently chilled with his buddies in Beverly Hills, going to the Soul Cycle training sessions in the morning and to the church at night, and even had a good time with his little half-brother Jaxon Taking the eight year old boy to a fun day out at a trampoline park in Van Nuys, CA, on April 5th, where both had an explosion

While he was seen flirting with model Champion Baskin, 22, several times after his last break from Selena, he has not had any other women by his side recently. Knowing the couple’s story, it will only be a matter of time before they’re back together. In the meantime, Biebs is doing everything it can to get it back. He is even nice to the paparazzi who follow him constantly. This must show Selena that he is a completely different man.

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