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  • Me Time – 3 Tips on Prioritizing Yourself

    Me Time – 3 Tips on Prioritizing Yourself

    In addition to going out every night of exhaustion, how much “time left me” each day? Our estimate, not a lot. Between work, school, family, social life and daily commotion, there is no time, is not it? False! It is time for us to stop hurrying and start putting ourselves forward. Cutting a little “me […] More

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    5 Hacks to Effortlessly Build Healthy Habits in 2018

    In the last few weeks (or five minutes after a search on Google), you have made the resolution to change your life: I’m going to exercise every day! I’m going to start flossing I’m going to start eating better I’m going to quit! I’m going to stop wearing jerseys! It’s great, and I’m & # […] More

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    What Our DNA Might Be Telling Us About Our Lifespan

    Have you heard of your telomeres? Scientific research has accumulated to show that these small protein structures capping the ends of our DNA are the keys to perpetual health and well-being.   Telomeres protect our DNA strands, help them maintain their structure and prevent them from breaking down. down. As the cells divide to replicate, […] More

  • The Generational Side of Body Image

    The Generational Side of Body Image

    How often do you find yourself in a conversation with other women and the only topic of discussion is what their clothes look like, how their bodies are getting sized, and how they wish they could change or change their appearance one way or the other? When you keep your eyes (and ears) open, it’s […] More

  • A Better Understanding of Shoulder Health

    A Better Understanding of Shoulder Health

    The shoulder is amazing, she really is! It’s so complex and so interesting. (I know, as an orthopedic surgeon, I’m supposed to say somehow cool things like that, but that’s true.) If you’ve ever felt pain in the shoulder trying to lift weights, practice yoga, box, swim, surf or Simply brush your hair, you know […] More

  • Ready Player One: 10 Tech Hacks to Lose Weight and Level Up Your Life

    Ready Player One: 10 Tech Hacks to Lose Weight and Level Up Your Life

    “Taaaaaaaaake onnnnnnnn me, Taaaaaaaake moieeeee! I’ll be goeeeeeeeee goonnnnnnne, In a day or TWOOOOOOO!” What does it mean? We do not care! All I know is that I can not get rid of “Take on Me” from a-ha. He has been there ever since the trailer fell for the nerdy nostalgic bombshell that is now […] More

  • Mental barrier

    How to Break Through Mental Barriers

    Right here, right now, you can get through the mental barriers that hold you back and live a more fulfilling social, professional, and physical life. Take a clean slate – be it a piece of paper or a blank Word screen – and get ready to write. Act Next Take Three Steps to Cross the […] More