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  • Cool T-Shirt Outfits I Saved in My Private Insta Folder

    Cool T-Shirt Outfits I Saved in My Private Insta Folder

    Okay, so you know how Instagram has this feature where you can record messages in a small private folder that you can see? Well, it happens to me to take mine very seriously. I use it to test how personal my tastes are aesthetically, to keep track of the photos I want to recreate for […] More

  • 5 Spring / Summer Trends to Wear - Bucket Hats

    5 Spring/Summer Trends To Avoid (And What To Wear Instead)

    With regard to the trends in men’s fashion, there are “differences”: deviations from the norm that distinguish you as a man capable of going beyond the fast track of fashion. Then there are those that you should completely divert if you do not want to look like a car accident. This does not mean that […] More

  • The women we love this week - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

    The Women We Love This Week

    Lais Ribeiro It’s a hard life to be an international model, with all those paid trips to the best beaches that the world has to offer (all in the name of work, of course ). This is the daily reality for the Brazilian model Lais Riberio, which we would be bitter if it was the […] More