4 Must-See Crowdfunding Projects for Travelers


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Crowdfunding gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to bring creative products to market. It can serve as a “testing ground” for ideas, before investing in a complete production. While some Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects involve new unknown companies, others come from reputable brands, with a track record of quality products. The projects listed here are great products that will be perfect for traveling. This gives you the opportunity to buy these items at a major discount at the retail price.

These pants are the latest and greatest offer from the innovative clothing manufacturer, Western Rise. They promise to be “the most functional and versatile pair of pants in the world! The ultimate pants for the trip, the outdoors and the everyday. “I have personally tested many Western Rise products (see here and here), and everything has been of very high quality.These Evolution pants may be their best product at the moment.This campaign was fully funded in less of 4 hours!

Western Rise Evolution Pants – Kickstarter Link

After their first very successful campaign, the people of BAUBAX are back with a new and improved line up, you can take a jacket, a windbreaker, a sweatshirt or vest.These travel jackets are absolutely CHARGED with features, including water resistance, a detachable hood, an integrated pillow, removable gloves, a bottle opener, a whistle, a pen in it the zipper, and tons of secret pockets! This project has already raised over 3 MILLION DOLLARS !! The campaign ends very soon, so do not miss it.

Travel Jacket BAUBAX Kic kstarter Link

These ingenious little accessories will make your backpack much more comfortable. Attach Super Straps to your existing backpack straps and reduce the load with a simple pull of a string. Some expensive backpacks have this feature built in, but most do not. Super Straps bring your bag closer to your back and reduce strain on your neck and shoulders. With over $ 400,000 raised from more than 5,500 donors, it’s a great idea!

Super Straps – Kickstarter Link

This one is just cool. He almost seems too good to be true. This small monitoring device claims to control the temperature you feel, sending temperature pulses to your wrist. If you are overheated in a hot climate, tap the small snowflake and get improvements. If you find yourself shivering on a cold day, use the watch to bring some warming sensations. They claim to be backed by scientific studies, and that would be a huge advantage during the trip or in everyday life!

Aircon Watch – Indiegogo Link

I love learning new products in development, especially when they can make my trips more comfortable or convenient. I hope you find these projects interesting! Did you support one of them?

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